Divorce Law News-Is the Blame Game Over?

For over 50 years, since the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973, in order to obtain a divorce immediately on separation there has been the requirement for some form of blame – either adultery or unreasonable behaviour. To obtain a divorce without blame you would need to wait 2 years, but the other person would need to [...]

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Essential Guide To Maintenance

Guide to spousal maintenance (alimony) One aspect of reaching a financial settlement on divorce is whether one spouse should provide financial support from their income to the other spouse. This is called spousal maintenance or periodical payments or you may be more familiar with the term “alimony”.  Spousal maintenance is not an automatic [...]

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Grounds for Divorce

You may be surprised to learn that there is in fact only one ground for a divorce – the legal test is has your marriage has irretrievably broken down? If you have answered yes to this question, then you will need to provide evidence of the irretrievable breakdown based on one of the following 5 [...]

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How to get a Clean Break on Divorce

You may be unaware that obtaining a divorce does not automatically cut the financial ties between you and your ex spouse and you will still remain financially linked together.  Any agreement or financial settlement you reach to resolve the finances aspects of your divorce should be recorded in a document called a ‘Consent Order’. The consent order may include a ‘Clean [...]

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Child custody and access

Following a relationship breakdown issues may arise regarding arrangements for your children. One of the main questions may be which parent should the child live with and how often will they see the other parent.  The terminology ‘contact’ and ‘residence’ might sound familiar to you however; from 22nd April 2014 these orders have been replaced with Child [...]

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Can I divorce and how to divorce

Making the decision to start a divorce is never going to be an easy one but do you know whether you can in fact divorce and if so how to divorce. This is our easy straightforward guide to help you answer these questions. Firstly, you should be aware that you cannot divorce until you have [...]

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Divorce in the New Year

A new year and a new blog from CSL Law. We are a small firm of specialist solicitors based in central Croydon, providing expert advice on all aspects of family law, including divorce, which is especially pertinent in the New Year. Unfortunately, the second full week back at work after Christmas and New Year is also the week when [...]

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