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Protecting Children: Proposed Changes to Strip Paedophiles of Parental Responsibility

Protecting Children: Proposed Changes to Strip Paedophiles of Parental Responsibility By Kirsten O’Driscoll In a significant development in family law, there are proposed changes that could see paedophiles convicted of serious sexual offences lose their Parental Responsibility over their children. Parental Responsibility, otherwise known as PR, refers to the legal rights and responsibilities that parents [...]

Picking the Right Solicitor

When your relationship comes to an end, there are many important decisions that have to be made which can be especially difficult when you are in conflict with your partner.  Navigating child arrangements or separating your finances while also dealing with the emotional aspects of your separation can be very challenging. If you find yourself [...]

Have you got a clean break from your ex partner?

  During divorce, marriage annulment, a judicial separation, or the dissolution of a civil partnership, there is likely to be a need to settle disputes over money or property.  The Court can settle this and can make a financial remedy order.  These orders include dealing with the arrangements for the sale or transfer of property, maintenance payments, a lump sum [...]

Big Changes in Divorce Around the Corner

If you are contemplating a divorce, then keep reading to find out all you need to know about the changes which will soon be happening. Currently the position is that there is only one ground for divorce, that is that you have reached the conclusion that your marriage has irretrievably broken down.  In other words, [...]

Civil Partnership: An Option Worth Considering?

Picture this scenario:  your relationship is getting serious, but marriage is not really for you.  If everything is going well, that’s fine but what happens if unfortunately things don’t work out?  If you are just living together that could lead to difficulties and potential unfairness in the event of the death of one partner because [...]

The Psychology of Divorce

Whilst we are specialists in all aspects of divorce and resolving the issues that stem from relationship breakdown, we also see the emotional impact of the divorce process. It can be helpful to look at the process, not simply through the eyes of a lawyer but in the wider context. We aim to promote a [...]

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