Property Issues

Our expert family law solicitors routinely advise clients of the legal implications of how the title to the family home is registered.  We can address issues related to the registration of Matrimonial Home Rights or whether to sever a Joint Tenancy with your partner.

Matrimonial Home Rights

Often, the family home is the largest asset to be considered on the breakdown of a relationship and protecting your share in and your right to occupy the family home is vital.  If your name is not listed on the title deeds to the family home, it may be possible to protect your right to occupy the family home and ensure you are made aware of any changes to the title by your partner by notifying the Land Registry of your rights to the family home.  These rights are known as Matrimonial Home Rights and we routinely advise clients on whether to register their Matrimonial Home Rights with the Land Registry and the process for doing so.

Severing a Joint Tenancy

There are different ways in which partners can own property, one of which is through a Joint Tenancy.  When persons own property through a Joint Tenancy, that means that on the death of the other, the survivor of the two automatically inherits the whole of the property.  Often, separating partners do not want their share in the property to go to their partner anymore.  If that is the case, we can advise you of the process for severing the Joint Tenancy and the legal implications for doing so.

If you have received notice that your partner severed a Joint Tenancy, we can also advise you of what that means for your share in the property and how best to move forward.

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