Picking the Right Solicitor

When your relationship comes to an end, there are many important decisions that have to be made which can be especially difficult when you are in conflict with your partner.  Navigating child arrangements or separating your finances while also dealing with the emotional aspects of your separation can be very challenging.

If you find yourself needing legal representation because of your relationship breaking down, one of the most important decisions you can make from the beginning is deciding which solicitor to instruct.  This may not be at the top of your mind at the time, but picking the right solicitor for you can make all the difference.  You want a solicitor who is well versed in the financial aspects of divorce and arrangements for the children, but who also understands the art of resolving conflicts.  You want someone who is practical and thinks of the best way to resolve your legal issue while also being mindful of your legal costs.

We often hear people say they want an “aggressive” solicitor.  An “aggressive” solicitor however does not usually promote conflict resolution which can result in very expensive legal proceedings. Instead, you want a competent, experienced and firm solicitor who will be a strong advocate on your behalf but who will also promote conflict resolution.

The solicitors at CSL Law take just that approach.  We pride ourselves on finding the best possible outcome for our clients while being mindful of not only their costs but also the emotional aspects of the breakdown in relationships or the struggles of co-parenting on separation.

If you do need legal assistance on the breakdown on your relationship, we encourage you to think carefully about who you will instruct to act for you as it could make all the difference in resolving your legal issues.