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Here at CSL Law, we are specialists across all aspects of private family law in Caterham, Whyteleafe, Chaldon, Warlingham, and Woldingham. Whether you need legal assistance regarding a divorce, help navigating finances after a relationship breakdown, or support deciding on childcare arrangements, we offer a friendly, confidential and compassionate service.

For most people, their families are at the centre of everything they do. When conflicts happen, it can become difficult and emotionally-charged. Whatever situation you are in, we will help you find the right solution for you. Our expert legal knowledge is matched by our helpful and friendly approach, and we can handle even the most complex and sensitive family issues.

We can help with:

  • Divorce and separation
  • Same-sex relationships
  • Unmarried couples’ rights
  • Finances and children
  • Finances and divorce
  • Judicial separation
  • Maintenance and Variation
  • Enforcement
  • Living with & spending time with your children
  • Relocation
  • Grandparents & Other Family
  • Agreements
  • Family Law Act and injunctions

We aim to support you during any issue you may be facing and to help to guide you through it. We help people from all walks of life with varying assets and finances, including high net worth individuals and business owners. We can also assist with international divorces and cases involving assets held abroad, or where a partner lives or works overseas. If you are seeking reassurance about any aspect of family law, please call our local family lawyers now on 020 3463 1300.

Child custody lawyers near Whyteleafe

The welfare and happiness of your children will always be at the forefront of your mind when you are experiencing upheavals within your family life. Separation and relationship breakdown can be hard for everyone involved and important decisions will need to be made about the future.

Our family solicitors near Caterham have worked with countless families and we always put them at the heart of our work to ensure the best possible outcome for them, whatever the situation. One of the areas that we can help is deciding on custody and who children should live with after divorce or separation. Each case will always be completely unique and we can help you come to an agreement as quickly as possible to minimise stress and uncertainty for everyone. If you cannot agree on how often children see the parent they do not live with, they can apply for access via the courts. The word ‘custody’ is no longer used by the court. Instead, they grant a Child Arrangements Order, governing where the child lives and spends time. The courts will always try to ensure that both parents have a say in the upbringing of their children, where it is appropriate. Read our blog about child custody and access.

We can also help with issues, including:

  • Specific issues
  • Relocation
  • Grandparents and other family

We understand that these can all be difficult areas and can cause tensions, but we are highly experienced and we will address your concerns at every stage of the process.

Family Law Services

We have a proven track record assisting in all areas of family law and offer a comprehensive range of family law services.

  • Finances: We understand that financial security is key. We offer expert advice and guidance on all financial settlements, so we can reach practical financial solutions. We can advise on a full spectrum of financial matters, including the most complex cases. Our advice is always tailored to your individual situation and needs. We also take a strategic approach in all the work we do, along with strong negotiation skills to reach agreements.
  • Children: Some of the most difficult and emotional issues in family law concern children. We have dealt with hundreds of cases involving children and we understand the impact this has on everyone involved. We always aim to put the children at the heart of the process during the decision making. We can help with childcare arrangements following divorce, child relocation or issues relating to adoption or surrogacy.
  • Divorce and separation: Our divorce lawyers can work with you through divorce mediation or other ways to help you come to the right settlement for you and your family. We can guide you through the process and can cover every aspect of divorce, including adultery, annulment, international divorce, civil partnerships, and more. We know that divorce is rarely easy but our divorce solicitors will work on divorce mediation and other ways to ensure that everyone involved achieves a fair and amicable solution.
  • Other services: We can also help with other family law issues, including pre-nuptial agreements, change of name, property issues, and Family Law Act issues. We strive to help our clients negotiate these issues as swiftly and efficiently as we can.

Why use our CR3 family lawyers?

Our team of family solicitors near Caterham are always on hand to offer reassurance and answer the host of questions you may have, so you make the right decisions for you and your family as you move forwards. We want you to achieve secure outcomes that benefit both you and your family.

We also aim for a non-confrontational approach, as this is always most likely to achieve the desired outcome and avoids taking matters to court, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

Child law solicitors in Whyteleafe

We also provide legal support in the local areas including

Whyteleafe, Chaldon, Warlingham, and Woldingham

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