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Are you thinking about divorce? Perhaps you are in an unhappy relationship and are wondering what your options are? We are a small team of experienced, highly-skilled, and helpful divorce lawyers based bear Shirley, Addiscombe, Elmers End, Biggin Hill, and West Wickham. We understand that divorce can be an extremely difficult time and we seek to help families and couples resolve issues in as amicable a manner as possible.

If you are going through a separation, it is likely that you will have many questions relating to your finances, childcare arrangements, and other issues surrounding divorce. Our family law solicitors treat our clients as individuals, with sensitivity and tact. We have years of experience guiding clients through divorce proceedings.

Why choose CSL Law?

  • We can cover all aspects of divorce and family law, including civil partnerships, same-sex relationships, annulments, property disputes, separation agreements, international divorces, pre-nuptial agreements, out-of-court settlements, and more.
  • We are friendly, helpful, and client-focused, and will always offer you the best advice, based on years of experience.
  • We provide both legal and practical solutions to a wide range of issues surrounding divorce, childcare arrangements, and relationship breakdown.
  • Clive Lawrance, the head of our firm, is a member of Resolution (formerly known as the Solicitors Family Law Association).
  • Our team is committed to helping families resolve their disputes in as stress-free a way as possible.

For further guidance about divorce, please call our local divorce lawyers on 020 3463 1300.

We have extensive experience in all aspects of divorce and family law, including:

  • Out of court settlements
  • Same-sex relationships
  • International divorce cases
  • Judicial separation
  • Civil partnership
  • Annulments
  • Pensions on divorce
  • Separation agreements

We are based in nearby Croydon and can meet at your convenience.

Our local divorce lawyers are on hand to offer help. Please call us now on 020 3463 1300.

Divorce mediation and divorce advice near Addiscombe

Family law disputes can be complex and stressful. We understand that no one ever want to face divorce and emotions can run very high. Our leading divorce lawyers near Shirley and Addiscombe focus on resolving matters in the best interests of everyone involved.

Our family solicitors have a wealth of experience, so we can deliver positive and timely divorce advice and outcomes. We view court proceedings as a last resort because this can be expensive and slow down divorce proceedings.

Divorce mediation is a popular method of non-litigated dispute resolution in separation and divorce, particularly when children are involved. It allows a neutral party to oversee communications, so all parties can voice their concerns. All meetings are confidential and encourages all parties to communication openly and respectfully. If court action is necessary, our divorce solicitors will guide you through it with commitment and care.

Other services

We offer advice, guidance and support around other issues, including:

  • Co-habitation Agreements: Unmarried couples in England and Wales have no legal rights if they separate. Without a cohabitation or living together agreement or contract, one could be left with nothing. This contract can be drawn up to suit both parties.
  • Change of Name: There are a variety of situations which may lead you to decide to change your name or that of your children. Although this is something many people do themselves, our solicitors will be able to offer you expert advice and support about the process.
  • Family Law Act: If you are faced with domestic violence, coercive control, harassment or abuse, our family law solicitors can offer help and legal advice. Depending on the situation, we will offer advice about injunctions and how to obtain one. There are two types of injunction: A Non-Molestation Order and an Occupation Order and we can give you tailormade guidance around both of these, so you can safeguard your own welfare and that of your family
  • Property Issues: If you are concerned around the legal implications of how the title of your family home is registered, we can assist. Issues we regularly offer advice around include the registration of Matrimonial Home Rights and severing a Joint Tenancy.

CR0 international divorce

Some of our work involves clients who have international connections. Whether you were married abroad, living abroad, or have lived abroad for some time, we can help to guide you through the international divorce process. We will discuss your situation with you, to ensure the right jurisdiction, so we can always deliver the best outcomes.

Our family lawyers are fully accredited and regulated and we have a high customer satisfaction rate. We can offer advice and assistance around all issues pertaining to divorce, including issues relating to childcare, finances, and property.

What are the grounds for divorce? Call our Addiscombe family lawyers

A divorce cannot be applied for until a couple has been married for at least a year. There is one legal ground for divorce: that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. This must be done by the person who starts proceedings (the petitioner) by establishing one of the five following facts:

  • Adultery
  • Unreasonable behaviour
  • Desertion
  • Two years separation with consent
  • Five years separation without consent

Read more on our blog: What are the grounds for divorce?

Child law solicitors in Addiscombe

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