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As local and specialist divorce lawyers, we offer comprehensive guidance throughout the divorce or separation process, prioritising your needs and those of any children involved. We aim to provide legal expertise, advice, information, reassurance, and support tailored to your unique situation.

Experiencing divorce first-hand differs greatly from merely hearing about it from others. While well-meaning friends and family may offer advice, each marriage and subsequent divorce is unique. With our expertise, our family lawyers will help you navigate this challenging time, ensuring your voice is heard and your concerns are addressed.

Our proficiency extends to various divorce-related matters, encompassing negotiating financial settlements, aiding same-sex couples, overseeing divorce finances, resolving maintenance concerns, managing international divorces, facilitating judicial separations, and overseeing civil partnerships.

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Frances was kind, understanding, honest and helpful during what was an emotionally difficult time. She was always very quick to respond to any issues or document reviews. Being able to have video meetings was great when issues needed to be discussed or points I did not grasp needed additional explaining. Whilst I hope to never need this sort of service again, if I did, I would ask for Frances to be on my side without hesitation.

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Experiencing a divorce or separation is undeniably challenging, and navigating the division of property and finances often proves to be one of the most daunting aspects. At CSL Law, we are dedicated to achieving a fair financial agreement that safeguards your economic future.

With years of expertise in addressing financial matters arising from relationship breakdowns, our divorce financial settlement solicitors are skilled at resolving disputes concerning various assets.

From the family home to business interests, trust interests to pension assets, and investments to savings, our team is equipped to handle diverse financial complexities.

Securing a financial settlement offers a harmonious resolution during divorce or separation. Should negotiations fail, we provide steadfast representation in court. No matter the circumstances, our professional divorce settlement service is tailored to suit your unique needs.

Questions our Southfields divorce solicitors are frequently asked

You can start a divorce by preparing a divorce application online along with your marriage certificate and the correct court fee. The divorce application needs to be completed accurately.

Firstly, don’t panic! You will have received a copy of the divorce application and instructions to register with the Court online portal so that you can respond to the divorce application which has to be completed within a certain period of time. Before completing the response it is important that you obtain legal advice and understand what the next steps in the divorce will be.

You may have taken the decision not to divorce based on religious or cultural reasons.  If so, you can apply for a Judicial Separation through a procedure similar to a divorce. Obtaining a Judicial Separation means that you are no longer obliged to live together however does not ultimately bring the marriage to an end. You will still also be able to request the Court to approve a financial settlement that you may reach with your spouse.

If you own the family home together with your spouse or partner you cannot stop them from entering the property except by getting a court order. The locks on the property should not be changed and if they are, you must provide them with a key. However, if you are being subjected to violent or aggressive behaviour from your partner or spouse you may be in a position to apply to the Court for an Order to remove them from the property.

This is unlikely to have an impact on financial issues, however it is important that you seek legal advice before taking such steps.  By moving out of the property you may no longer have access to your personal belongings e.g.  important financial documents and there may be a risk that your spouse may not cooperate which will prolong the divorce.

Negotiating finances during divorce in Southfields, SW18

A financial settlement in divorce entails an agreement between you and your former partner outlining the distribution of assets post-divorce and any ongoing support arrangements.

Ideally, negotiations mediated by both parties' divorce solicitors facilitate the settlement process, offering a quicker and less stressful alternative to court proceedings. We manage negotiations on your behalf, alleviating your burden.

However, not all financial settlements can be resolved amicably. In such cases, the court intervenes to establish a settlement, considering various factors such as the duration of the marriage, presence of children and their financial needs, past and future earnings of both parties, financial assets, employment status, standard of living, health, and conduct of each party.

Asset distribution in divorce lacks a one-size-fits-all approach, with settlements varying based on individual circumstances. Our divorce financial settlement solicitors guide you through the entire process, ensuring you understand each step in clear, accessible terms and empowering you to navigate the proceedings confidently.

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We offer advice, guidance and support around other issues, including:

  • Co-habitation Agreements: Unmarried couples in England and Wales have no legal rights if they separate. Without a cohabitation or living together agreement or contract, one could be left with nothing. This contract can be drawn up to suit both parties.
  • Change of Name: There are a variety of situations which may lead you to decide to change your name. Although this is something many people do themselves, our solicitors will be able to offer you expert advice and support about the process.
  • Family Law Act: If you are faced with domestic violence, coercive control, harassment or abuse, our family law solicitors can offer help and legal advice. Depending on the situation, we will offer advice about injunctions and how to obtain one. There are two types of injunction: A Non-Molestation Order and an Occupation Order and we can give you tailormade guidance around both of these, so you can safeguard your own welfare and that of your family
  • Property Issues: If you are concerned around the legal implications of how the title of your family home is registered, we can assist. Issues we regularly offer advice around include the registration of Matrimonial Home Rights and severing a Joint Tenancy.

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    Family lawyers for Southfields no-fault divorces

    Until recently, obtaining a divorce in the UK necessitated attributing blame to one's spouse. Grounds for blame included adultery, desertion, or 'unreasonable behaviour'. Failure to assign blame required several years of living separately to validate the divorce.

    The Divorce Dissolution and Separation Act was implemented on April 6, 2022, significantly evolving the divorce landscape. This legislation eliminates the need for blame attribution or a specific separation period, simplifying the process. Now, couples only need to confirm that their marriage or civil partnership lasted at least 12 months and acknowledge irretrievable breakdown.

    We help you understand your options, whether pursuing a joint or sole application, based on your circumstances.

    Please see our blog: The Psychology of Divorce.

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    Need a quick divorce? For divorce advice in Southfields, contact our family solicitors

    If you are thinking about separation or divorce, please call 020 3463 1300 or email

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