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Living Together and Property Disputes

There is no such thing as common law marriage, or “common-law wife”, and those living together do not have the same rights as married couples.  Nor is there the equivalent to divorce proceedings at the end of the relationship or to resolve the finances.  This can make it more complicated when a relationship breaks down and you are not married.

We strongly advise unmarried couples to have a living together agreement, or cohabitation agreement, from the outset.  This will set out clearly your financial relationship and how matters would be resolved if the relationship breaks down at a later date.  Whilst unromantic, it can save money and future upset.

A jointly owned property can only be sold should both parties agree or if there is an order from the court, whether you own the property with a partner, family member or friend.  Bear in mind you also may have rights to the property even if it is in your partner’s sole name.  The trusts and land law applies to these cases in the event of a property dispute.

How we can help

We have extensive experience in this growing and complicated area of law as the number of cohabiting couples increases.  We will be able to offer you practical advice and guidance through the remedies available to you.  We are committed to resolving matters as efficiently, constructively and individually as possible.

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